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Return of Mountain Medicine

We've been a little quiet on the Mountain Medicine side in the last couple of years. Initially this was because of a number of GDPR issues stopping the information sharing between mountain rescue, Bristows (the providers of HM Coastguard helicopter services) and us and latterly the 'minor' irritation with COVID.

The good news is that we now have sorted the paperwork out and the project is back on course.

During lock down part 1 we had two medical students from Cardiff University doing projects with us as part of their intercalated BSC in Emergency, Immediate and Pre-Hospital Care (EPIC iBSC). Ben and Nat worked their socks off to produce two really nice projects. Nat's was on Rock Climbing injuries and Ben's was on Cardiac events in the mountains.

As part of the project they had to create a poster for conference presentation... Sadly F2F conferences are a bit limited at the moment so we've put copies of them below for you all to have a look at.

The best it of all is that they stayed with us as student volunteers during the first wave and got firsts in the iBSCs. Thanks for all your hard work and well done!

Climbing Injuries
Download • 366KB

Cardiac events
Download • 19.69MB

Going forward

Now that GDPR is sorted we can hopefully get back to the original aim of the Mountain Medicine Project, namely that of providing feedback to out Mountain Rescue and Coast Guard colleagues so that we can all learn from these incidents and improve patient care.

We've also go one of this years EIPC iBSC students looking at scrambling injuries and two other students doing short projects in the spring/summer so watch this space for more learning!

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