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New ED Doctors - Farewell/Welcome

It has come to that time of year, when we say a fond farewell to one amazing group of ED Doctors, and say a warm welcome to our new ones.

The outgoing team have been absolutely phenomenal in their ability to adapt to everything that COVID-19 has thrown at us. They have worked tirelessly and many have stayed with us longer than they planned.

We wish them the best of luck and know that the likelihood is that a few will definitely return to us one day (and some have decided never to leave!)

The new team have embraced their first week and a 3-day induction, including a socially-distanced pizza outside in the rain. As you can see the weather has cleared up for a helipad photo since then! We had far more applicants than places for our posts this year, and we hope those that were unsuccessful this time will reapply to join us again in our next round of recruitment (keep your eyes peeled for more information). We wish we could take all of you!

Goodbye and Welcome from the YGED Team.

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