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Updated: Oct 21, 2019

This week in YGED we welcomed two new faces. Ben and Natalie are two Cardiff Medical students who are part of the EPIC iBSC (Emergency Pre-hospital and Immediate Care intercalated BSC) programme.

They are both senior medical students who are spending a year learning more about Emergency Medicine. As part of this they not only have lectures, but will be spending three days a week in YGED, one day a week with the Welsh Ambulance Service and a day a week of research.

Both their research projects will be from the Bangor mountain medicine database. Ben is looking at cardiac events on Snowdon and Natalie looking at rock climbing injuries.

Whilst the EPIC iBSC has been running in north wales for couple of years it is the first time we have had students in the north. We are super excited about helping build the emergency physicians of tomorrow.

Welcome both.

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