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Casualty Care for Mountain Rescue

A couple of weeks ago we visited Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team as part of our SHO teaching programme. Well this weekend was time to pay back the thanks by helping with their big annual medical training weekend. Casualty Care is the internal qualification mountain rescue runs for its volunteers which after an exam (these guys will have theirs in December) allows them to use a select number of medications normally only available to doctors, nurses and paramedics. With the and huge and unusual honour of being the only non health care professionals who can do this comes the huge responsibility of doing it properly, hence the need for good training.

The training was a joint enterprise with Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation. From the ED we sent a Consultant (who is on LLMRT), two SHO's (one of whom is on OVMRO) and our new EPIC iBSC students to help along with number of other doctors from Ysbyty Gwynedd.

With such and enthusiastic bunch of faculty and students its was a great weekend with loads of learning for all involved (including many of the faculty!). To the candidates: good luck with the revision and your exam in December.

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